How to get rid of a phobia?

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Phobia is a very common phenomenon that can become really disabling, especially when it affects our daily lives. Indeed, car phobia, social phobia or any paralyzing fear that occurs frequently can become a real lock-in. If we don’t act on it effectively, the symptoms can develop and lead to Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which translates into polymorphic fears (various objects of fear). It’s important to get rid of phobia for the well being.

How to act on the phobia?

Brief therapies allow these phobic disorders to disappear very quickly (in less than five sessions) and for a very large proportion of subjects. The prognosis for recovery is much better when the subject accepts the idea of letting go of his or her phobia. Going to see a therapist is not enough, one must personally accept and commit to overcoming one’s phobia. This necessarily involves confronting and overcoming one’s fears.

  • Hypnosis is a gentle and effective method of reframing the unconscious and softening reactions to phobogenic elements,
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix reemprinting (a variant of EFT that is very suitable for phobias) are effective for finding inner peace in the face of fear,
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) makes it possible to modify and make acceptable the images that are the source of the fear and to access the resources necessary to face the phobic confrontations,
  • The TIPI method (Treatment of Sensory Identification of Unconscious Fears) showed 98% recovery in 297 subjects with phobic, anxiety or depressive disorders.

The gains of healing a phobia :

Very often I find that the healing of one phobia automatically leads to the disappearance of the other fears.

The risks of not treating a phobia :

Not treating a phobia effectively means allowing it to grow and becoming imprisoned by irrepressible and disabling inhibitions.

What are the treatment options and their chances of overcoming the phobia?

There is no drug treatment for a phobia (anxiolytics only reduce the symptoms without solving the problem).

Psychoanalytical therapy is in fact long, painful and often unsuccessful in improving phobic disorders.

Brief therapies are certainly the best way to solve phobic disorders efficiently, quickly and durably.

Treat your phobia:

If you suffer from phobic disorders, take the decision to get help to free yourself from them!


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