Anxiety test: test for free

Do you worry a lot? Do these worries interfere with your daily life?  Do you suffer from a fear or phobia and would you like to evaluate this disorder? The following questionnaires have been constructed from psychiatric and international psychology evaluation scales to test your phobia. They are free, anonymous and the results you will obtain will allow you to estimate your level of anxiety. Be aware that an anxiety test can in no way replace examinations performed with a health professional.


Are you afraid to drive?

This questionnaire assesses fear in relation to driving.

claustrophobie - ascenseur

What is your level of claustrophobia?

This test assesses your degree of claustrophobia.

pluie contre la vitre

Are you suffering from depression?

Feeling blue or depressed? Test your psychological state

Are you anxious by nature?

Assessing your anxiety based on everyday situations

Do you think you are agoraphobic?

This test assesses how well you avoid certain situations

Does your child suffer from school phobia?

Assess your child’s anxiety in a school setting

What is your risk of burnout

Assess your level of risk of burnout

sleeping cat - sleep disturbances

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Evaluate your relationship with sleep

flower on the skin - hypersensitivity

Are you a hypersensitive person?

How do you deal with your emotions?

Alone in the desert - autophobia

How do you experience loneliness?

Evaluate your autophobia: fear of loneliness

crushing hand

Where does your impulse phobia lie?

This test assesses your disturbing thoughts

stethoscope - hypochondriac

Are you a hypochondriac person?

Evaluate your fear of disease and viruses

woman who can't sleep - nyctophobia fear of the dark

Are you nyctophobiac, afraid of dark ?

Evaluate your nyctophobia, fear of the dark

femme salade - alimentation

Test your relationship with food

Assess your relationship with food

bateau qui brule - État de Stress Post-Traumatique

How do you live with your trauma?

Assess your possible post-traumatic stress disorder following a trauma

coccinelle sur tige - peur insectes et araignées

Test your fear of insects and spiders

Measure your anxiety about insects


Are you afraid of the heights ?

Determine your fear of heights with this test

stylos rangés - TOC

Do you daily suffer from OCD?

Evaluate your obsessive-compulsive disorder

Bureau ordinateur - peur du travail

Are you afraid of the work?

This test measures your anxiety

Personne qui se pèse

Do you suffer from anorexia nervosa?

Identify your risk for anorexia.

couple enlacé - phobie sexuelle

Are you a victim of sexual phobia?

Evaluate your genophobia, fear of sex

femme dégoûtée - Peur du vomi

Does vomit make you uncomfortable?

This test measures your disgust with vomit

femme se mesurant pour perdre du poids

Are you having trouble losing weight?

Assess your relationship with food

Test your aviophobia, fear of flying

Identify your level of anxiety about flying

sablier - peur de la mort

Are you afraid of death?

This questionnaire assesses your fear of death and evaluate if you are thanatophobiac.


Test your relationship with Covid-19

Rate your fear of the virus that emerged in 2019.

Stressed person

How do you react to failure?

Evaluate your reaction to failures.


Are you scared of animals?

This test measures your fear of animals.

Santa Claus

How do you live the Christmas season?

Measure your anxiety towards winter holidays

Doing housework

What is mysophobia?

Identify your level of anxiety about contamination, dirt and germs.

Doing housework

Cannabis use: when is it an addiction?

Test your addiction to cannabis.

Doing housework

The narcissistic pervert or manipulator

Learn how to recognize a narcissistic personality.

Heart on a stone

Are you emotionally dependent?

Identify if you are emotionally dependent.

A sad woman with dysmorphophobia in front of a mirror

Do you have symptoms of dysmorphophobia?

Measure your level of dysmorphophobia.

A sad woman with dysmorphophobia in front of a mirror

Can you really do without your cell phone?

Identify your level of dependence on cell phones.


Test your anxiety level!


Determine your anxiety level with questionnaires validated by recognized professionals